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Ingredients on being a poet for #WorldPoetryDay

not so sure I’m genuine, like a stone

or genuine like suede or leather.

not so sure I’m a poet like Plath

or a wannabe poet. I hope to

inspire then I rage forest fires

in my head. I hate to admit I’m

a poet or a writer at a party,

seems like the music lowers

and the spotlight’s on me

and god help me as I blush

and explain the ingredients in my


I listen and smile while drunk,

and claim to be horrible

at cartwheels, but once upon

a time I  was a dancer in a show

’tis true, once upon a time

I made cocktails for breakfast.


The ingredients to being a poet

is simple:

-1 ounce of vodka, ice.


-1 shot of Jack Honey (or half the bottle in my case).

a pen



and add some spice (chili for heat)

salt for the demons

pepper for the earth angels

dig deep for the money

there are holes in all my pockets

poetry does not sell

but my soul

is up for grabs.

9.99 a pop.

451 press Poetry

Band-aid and Bruises

It is a dream you are selling

to the neediest girl,

about fancy rides in cars

admiring every part of her body

pretending she is the only woman

on earth that matters

besides your wife

and numerous lovers.

All these band-aids and bruises

you cover up your roles

like a thespian.

Tell me have you discarded morality

as much as you profess?

Have you discovered the ego

is the only thing worth stroking?

Have you forsaken even god

to kiss the devil?

I am too old for fancy cars

and precious poets

who claim to

love me from afar.

When I was eight

I covered up my bruises

with band-aids

they healed.

Now they are invisible.

Who can see the cuts now?

Truly not you,

with your line-up of women

at the door

and your presumption

that I like anyone you have ever met before.

I am not even close

to anything you think I am.

I have not been married three times,

I do not have children from different men

I loved.

I do not have a mental illness,

I do not care for the car you drive

or the clothes you wear,

I do not care about the money

and what I have in my life

I cherish

I hold dear.

And what I’ve lost

I hold even closer.

Your tricks do not work with me

so stop trying.


451 press book of poetry Poetry


Hello all,

Hope everyone is well. Recently, I joined Instagram and from there have been introduced to a whole writing community that supports my work as well as getting published with an innovative new publishing company from California.

It has been a crazy ride thus far, even if I don’t sell one book, the amount of support for my writing is overwhelming. I joined Facebook to further promote the publishing company and be part of this exciting movement with them. We share our work, our poetry and our love of words. Please check out our poetry page on Facebook

and check out some of the amazing writers 451 Press is in the process of working with to create poetry books.

Who reads poetry books? People that love the flow of words. I continue to buy them and support the Arts.

The illustrations in my book are being created by  Kate Theodosiou, a visual artist from Cyprus.

Looking forward to sharing my book of poetry with you. Release date is June 22, 2016.

All my best,

Christina Strigas





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