Being Greek

Being Greek means learning how to be clever

before you.

Learning about language and ancestry as a bedtime story.

Living in modern times

with an ancient soul,

in the Corinthian earth,





about me.

I make up my own rules

eat words while you sleep

awake before the birds

hunting poems out of my skull


under my olive skin,

kissing my trinity girls.


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Book Review: A Book of Chrissyisms

Thank you so much for this incredible review of my latest book.

Book Reviews & Musings

A Book of Chrissyisms

Author: Christina Strigas

Publisher: Clasid Consultants Publishing

Publication Date: September 19, 2018

Genre: Self-Help, Poetry, Creativity

Page Count: 121 Pages

ISBN-10: 9780995186583

ISBN-13: 978-0995186583

ASIN: 0995186588


A Book of Chrissyisms Website

Available for Purchase From Amazon,Barnes & Nobel,Thrift Books,Google Play,Jet, booktopia,bokus,AbeBooks, and other book stores.

My Rating: 5 Stars

About the Author: (From Christina Strigas Amazon Author Page)

Christina Strigas, a trilingual, raised by Greek-Canadian immigrants, has been featured by CBC Books in “Your Ultimate Canadian Poetry List: 68 Poetry Collections Recommended by You.”

Christina Strigas is the author of five novels, three poetry books, and one self-help/poetry book based off of her popular quotes that went viral on Twitter. She writes romantic love poetry in a stream of consciousness narrative prose. Her influences are Sylvia…

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I used to

pour out my words here

I used to let you define me

but all these labels are too much

for any girl to handle.  All these

late night drinking binges are

way out of my league. I’m home

relaxed, not thinking of you

waking up before my  alarm

with words and sex on my tongue.

It’s only been fourteen days

of not loving you.  The rest of

it does not count. I’m not here

anymore. I passed the highway.

I sigh your name.

Yet, my feet are planted

on another ground.

It’s not a writing competition

I’m not in the PTA

never was, not my scene.


I am full of insecurities

I’ve shown you all my


and you take them

throw them up

spit them at me

as if that is the answer

to this mess.

if you read my mind

your adrenaline is hard

but, my words,

that’s all I got; that’s off topic, it’s art.

not you, not me

not my books,

it’s none of them.


We may be magic together

but why don’t you ever

tell me how you really feel

about us? Skin is easy

to say, eyes are easy to read,

songs are easy to send,

everything  is misunderstood

off the shoulder tragic.


I’m never mad at you

after all these years

don’t  you know how i feel


I love how you are

I’m only unkind

when you let your monster







Broken Glass

It smashes

into smithereens

can get caught in your knee

when you save a life

it carries my  wine

brings me moments of pleasure

until I drop it

and sweep up the pieces.

I walked right into its darkness

two o’clock in the afternoon

right after I downloaded Blondie

how ironic, I thought

while carrying a blue body out of debris

actually, I was on adrenaline

and survival and all the glass

could not touch me

make me bleed, yes

shock me, yes.

I was seven the first time it happened

my foot in a bowl full of grass

that my grandma cut up and boiled.

My head hit the dash but I survived

we were seven in a car

and back in 1975 everything seemed legal.

In 2013, my life flashed before my eyes

but I didn’t die.


from my book LOVE & VODKA

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Poignant, passionate poetry book review of FLASHES & VERSES…BECOMING ATTRACTIONS by Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s poetry book Flashes & Verses…Becoming Attractions is a book that took me into a world of pop culture, passion, erotic love, pop icons, and Latin love. I enjoyed this collection, this array of poems that narrates diverse stories of common themes; namely, how love, romance, and ideology affects our daily struggles.

Cepeda’s romantic language and images leave you wanting more and more. This is a poignant, passionate, poetry book that is long overdue. If you love to read Neruda, this is the book for you. From rock to the brat pack, to pop music, music is a theme throughout the book. Cepeda has many muses, but you can tell the heart of this book lies in the spiritual connection the poet has with human beings, whether they are pop icons or his first lover, the attractions are the love and bond of human emotion and desire.

“We Couldn’t Even Afford To Go Inside” is one of my favorite’s in the book. A poem about an old lover, a connection that is hard to replace or feel again, a nostalgia of a past love affair. I folded way too many pages in the book, but a few more of my favorites: the sexy “Hotel Room,” “She Pours Me with Her Eyes,” “Book Like My Woman,” and of course the ode to Jim, “Stoned Immaculate: Jim Morrison Lies Here.”

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s poetry has been featured in over one-hundred different publications. One of his poems was named the winner of Subterranean Blue Poetry’s 2016 “The Children of Orpheus” Anthology Contest and two of his poems, “Buzz Me” and “Estranged Fruit” were nominated for Best of the Net in 2015 and 2016. You can connect with Adrian on his website:  click here to visit his website

You can purchase his book here and other bookstores:Flashes & Verses…Becoming Attractions published by Unsolicited Press

Adrian can be found on Twiter @PoetNotRockStar

Facebook and Instagram.


I’m 50 today and what better way to celebrate than releasing my book…



A Book of Chrissyisms portrays Christina Strigas’s inner perspectives; explaining her viral quotes, popular poems, and an evolving outlook on life. Based off of reader commentary, journal entries, social media, and life, Christina depicts what it all means: being a writer, a mother, a friend, a confidant, a mentor, an editor, a teacher, and a member of society.

Part confessional and part quirk, A Book of Chrissyisms includes essays and a variety of creative writing—a fun, idiosyncratic page-turner which readers and writers can learn from, enjoy, and best of all, relate to.

Christina Strigas started working on this book for fun. She amassed some of her quotes and tweets that were popular on social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

It is a non-fiction book.

So many people wonder what it is like to be a writer, to be a creative person. I hope to shed some light from my perspective. The title is A Book of Chrissysisms because that is a word that best describes living in my own mind from Monday to Sunday

This book is a labor of love. In this coffee table book, I write poems, quotes, short essays, and give you my perceptions on various subjects, from public phone calls to narcissists.

M popular quotes that went viral on Twitter are all included in this book. I try to explain in a philosophical and psychological way what has helped me in her path. Creativity and blocking off people who harm you are one of the paths to self-healing. From my own experience and life, as a poet, writer, woman, and mother, I open up my eyes to the multi-dimensional mind inside all of us.

If you love poetry, quotes, and essays, this is a fun easy read for you to delve into and read over and over again, to pass along to a friend and to keep on your coffee table.


Thank you for being here and supporting my work. I appreciate it very much.

Much love,



Click on the link to check it out: