‘Oh, Canada’ and ‘Patera II’ by Christina Strigas

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Montréal Writes

Oh, Canada

Watching the sun rise is one of the most trusted things.
I’m old school. Old soul for shining love.
In Greece, the sunrise overlooked the ocean,
in Canada, the sunrise overlooked Park Ex. 

When I was eight,
I saw Greece in your eyes.
I understood what the word immigrant implied.
All the looks, questions,
Where were you born?
I’m Canadian. I’m Greek.
I’m Greek-Canadian.

I’m nowhere to be found.

I mostly feel like a sea animal—
hooked me;
it adored my Canadian skin, its delicacy
flapping my fins in the air.
Olive complexion, dark hair and eyes.
Oh, you look Greek or Italian.
You have an accent.                    

Did you know the ocean grave is so silent?
There is no grandiose ocean here.
Canada is civil. Makes no war.
Canada opens up its arms to immigrants like us.

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Love & Vodka a book of poetry for glass hearts

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Love & Vodka

a book of poetry for glass hearts

By Christina Strigas

172 pages


Canada Cataloging in Publishing Data

ISBN: 978-0-99518653-8

Ms. Christina Strigas dedicates this book Love &
Vodka to all people who believe with their hearts and to angels in her daycare that
showed her the true meaning of a miracle. Poetry, to me the reader, is an art
form that produces emotion and stirs the pot of imagination, and I thought it
was poignant to mention that here.

Contained within this book are 88 total poems set up
in “chapter style” parts with beautiful and intriguing heading titles like:

“I loved you for a thousand years and missed you in
all of them”

and now I want to keep turning the pages.

As a reader and a writer myself I am feeling the
angst of this prolific poetry writer, as she explores with us the…

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Book Review: Love & Vodka: A Book of Poetry for Glass Hearts

Thank you for this great review of my book, Love & Vodka.

Book Reviews & Musings

Love & Vodka 2Love & Vodka: A Book of Poetry for Glass Hearts

Author: Christina Strigas

Publisher: Christina Strigas; first edition (12.02.2016)

ISBN-10: 0995186537

ISBN-13: 978-0995186538

Page Count: 172 Pages 

Genre: Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Love Poems

Purchase from AmazonBarnes & Nobel, Thrift BooksGoogle PlayBooktopiaBokusAbeBooks, Walmart

My Rating: 5 Stars


About the Author: (From Christina Strigas Amazon Author Page)

“Christina Strigas is trilingual, raised by Greek immigrants, and has written three poetry books. Her latest, Love & Vodka, has been featured by CBC Books in, “Your Ultimate Canadian Poetry List: 68 Poetry Collections Recommended by you.”

Christina Strigas holds a BA in English Literature from Concordia University and a Teaching Certificate from Universite de Montreal. She teaches English and French in an elementary school, and at McGill University.

Author of five novels, three poetry books, and one…

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays beautiful  souls.

Cherish the moments and family time.

Invite over your friends and  family who are alone.

Time to  share your love.

Stay away from toxic people.

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