pour out my words here

I used to let you define me

but all these labels are too much

for any girl to handle.  All these

late night drinking binges are

way out of my league. I’m home

relaxed, not thinking of you

waking up before my  alarm

with words and sex on my tongue.

It’s only been fourteen days

of not loving you.  The rest of

it does not count. I’m not here

anymore. I passed the highway.

I sigh your name.

Yet, my feet are planted

on another ground.

It’s not a writing competition

I’m not in the PTA

never was, not my scene.


I am full of insecurities

I’ve shown you all my


and you take them

throw them up

spit them at me

as if that is the answer

to this mess.

if you read my mind

your adrenaline is hard

but, my words,

that’s all I got; that’s off topic, it’s art.

not you, not me

not my books,

it’s none of them.


We may be magic together

but why don’t you ever

tell me how you really feel

about us? Skin is easy

to say, eyes are easy to read,

songs are easy to send,

everything  is misunderstood

off the shoulder tragic.


I’m never mad at you

after all these years

don’t  you know how i feel


I love how you are

I’m only unkind

when you let your monster







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