Broken Glass

It smashes

into smithereens

can get caught in your knee

when you save a life

it carries my  wine

brings me moments of pleasure

until I drop it

and sweep up the pieces.

I walked right into its darkness

two o’clock in the afternoon

right after I downloaded Blondie

how ironic, I thought

while carrying a blue body out of debris

actually, I was on adrenaline

and survival and all the glass

could not touch me

make me bleed, yes

shock me, yes.

I was seven the first time it happened

my foot in a bowl full of grass

that my grandma cut up and boiled.

My head hit the dash but I survived

we were seven in a car

and back in 1975 everything seemed legal.

In 2013, my life flashed before my eyes

but I didn’t die.


from my book LOVE & VODKA

confessional poetry




  1. Cate Derham · October 18, 2018

    Love the metaphorical imagery and intriguing rhythm!!

    Liked by 1 person

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