Secret First Draft: Member of the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

How do you remove stains

when you cannot see them?

Repeat. Rinse. Wash. Dry.

The load is full

my arms are empty

collapse into the thoughts

you discarded.

Say no! No, to  the way

you say my name

as if you chose it

and it belonged to you.

It didn’t, you know

I don’t, you know.

Scrub me down

with words.

Eliminate the detergents

my skin is infected

use the water of the universe

to reinvent me

as I walk out of the ocean

as if the Greek Gods lay the path

for me.

I am hollow inside

a vacant island

misguided by burnt lighthouses

keep me alive with blood transfusions

filled with your words. 

Christina Strigas has published three books and is currently editing her fourth.  She is a writer for Muse It Up Publishing as well as her own blog You can’t break up with a soul mate

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