My Dreams

Photo by @antoniodjanikian 
My Dreams

I made them up inside my head and boiled pasta

with them. Al dente love

affairs with Italian men,

who left scars upon

my poetry pots.

Bicycle paths in Paris

kissing in cafes 

along the Seine.

Where is the necklace

you said you bought me

for Christmas?

It was given to your wife

and all the lies

we puked up

with midnight liquor runs.

Who knew that skin

held memory

more than touch?

Wake me! Wake me!

I cannot see your


Your lies are pen strokes across my poems.

-Christina Strigas ————-🍸🍸💞—–

#poeticsighs @jwprebich @lexmeehan 

Streams of consciousness

as you read it came out-no edits- 

#writer #poet #christinastrigas #rockgirls #poetry #poetrycommunity #montreal #poem #streamofconsciousness #plath


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