Love & Vodka 

Thank you,Mckayla for your wonderful review of my poetry book.

'` m.d. '`

Love & VodkabyChristina Strigas

Novel Rating 4/5⭐

*I was approached by the author to swap our poetry collections in exchange for honest reviews, all thoughts are indeed my own*

This novel contained really lovely poems, more modern poetry which I’m really into.
I didn’t understand a lot of them but they were the authors life story written on pages, which I respect so much because it takes a lot of courage. But you will never understand every piece of poetry you read or you may interpret it differently than the person next to you, yet thats what is so beautiful about poetry. You can make it your own experience.
I did find some poems I absolutely fell in love with. For example,
Some Abandoned Tweets
Open Cuts
Loving a Writer
I Am Yours
Your Magic
You Carry Me
Third Eye!
I’m so happy that I was…

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