In a weird way I get how I could miss

the moments that marked the past

and created the future.

I was more open to you then

I made up stories in my head

to deny some actual facts.

Denial is not a river in Egypt

you joked, but always under

your breath and jokes.

Those fast drives to nowhere.

No answers on the road, no signs

on the highway,

just open yourself up, you laughed.

I opened my legs instead

that was how I got you

with my looks and eyes

and legs. It seemed that grabbed

you more than my words.

Who cares what you write, you smiled

and please don’t ever write about me. 

I heard waves when you played none

I saw the ocean when you hardened up to me

touching you softly

with my skin.

I stayed with you for more than a little while

and every single time I ran off

you chased me down

once with your car,

another time with your eyes,

until you would never take no

for an answer.

Now, stop treating me

like you never did that.

Stop pretending I said yes

when it was no all along.



7 thoughts on “Open

    1. thank you Vishal, I haven’t written a poem in a while, sat at Starbucks, turned off the world with my earbuds some music and coffee and words…I am glad to bring some people to life with my words, honestly, I just share and whoever reads I am humbled xx wishing you always the best

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