Poetry Book Review of Hush by Nicole Lyons

I read Hush twice in the past couple of weeks, and honestly I intend to go back to many poems again and again. 
Nicole Lyons, is a force of nature, as her biography states at the end of the book. The only thing wrong with this poetry book is that it ends. I could have read more, I wanted to read more!
Nicole Lyons’ poems take us to different types of relationships, but the pain and loss of oneself in a certain type of abusive relationship is what stuck with me. Throughout her poems, the narrator is constantly suffering over loving someone that has these two sides to himself, the one with the beautiful eyes and the one that can punch walls. There are some brilliant long pieces of poetry that are full of visual imagery and events. “I Have Fallen” is a poem that is close to a climax in a novel. It describes

the narrator,

“swirled to the bottom

of a bottle of Jack, stuck

to the blade after

after the perfect line was cut.”

Here we can imagine a girl harming herself and falling hard. Later in the same poem she continues,

“I have died

one hundred deaths

to appease doctors,

and family, and friends,

and I did it all

in the name of sanity.”

She is trying hard to keep it together but at some point, she can no longer and goes through her breakdown, and gets comforted by “strangers” where she heals and becomes, “the exquisite jewel that I am.”

This poem is brillant in the ways it portrays the narrator’s suffering, pain, suicide attempts and her rebirth. 
There are so many poems that I have folded the tip of the edges to read over in Hush. 

It is a poetry book to be kept close by at an arm’s reach. 

Get yourself a copy of this tremendous poetry book. Nicole Lyons is a poet who has written a debut collection that is brilliant and unique. Her poetic voice stands alone among crowds. 

I hope you check out all her social media platforms below.
Nicole Lyon’s website : Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/nicolelyonspoetry 
Site is

Twitter is

IG @nicolelyonspoetry


22 thoughts on “Poetry Book Review of Hush by Nicole Lyons

  1. I am lost for words and deeply humbled. Thank you so much for the time and care you have put into this review, that you read it twice and feel some of the poetry as you do makes me feel like someone gets me. I thank you and I am grateful for this.

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    1. Nicole, you seriously are an amazing person and poet. I have come to know you personally lately and you truly shine as a jewel among rocks. It was my pleasure to write this.
      Much love and wish you so much success.
      Chrissy xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woman! You have me weeping. I am so thankful that we have met and that I am lucky enough to call you a friend. I think you’re an outstanding soul and I have the deepest respect for you and your beautiful work. You are truly lovely and I am truly humbled.


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