Book Review of “Into the Wildfire: Mourning Departures” by Noor Shirazie

Book Review of “Into the Wildfire: Mourning Departures” by Noor Shirazie.
I rarely start and finish a poetry book in one sitting. Actually, I was half-asleep, thinking I would only read the first poem before I made my morning coffee, but lo and behold, I couldn’t get out of bed. I wanted to read on and on this wonderful poetry book until I got to the end. Page after page of heartbreaking love and scenes that caught my attention instantly. I connected to Noor Shirazie’s poems instantaneously. She writes in such a passionate and expressive manner, ending each poem with a punch, which is something that I love. 
There are no titles to these poems, and that doesn’t bother me because they can each stand alone. However, I would have preferred titles to distinguish between them. The poetry book flows with ease and portrays a love that has been betrayed somehow. We don’t really know what the male in this story has done to be distrusted, but we can imagine and understand the pain of losing someone you love.
Love and loss is universal, just like this poetry book. Filled with exquisite poems, “Into the Wildfire: Mourning Departures” is a poetry book to have in your collection. A beautiful book to read and connect to, it will leave you wanting to read more of this poetess. 
Noor Shirazie was born in Pakistan and has lived in a variety of countries since then, including the u.a.e., Australia, Qatar, Bahrain, and the U.S she graduated in 2015 with a degree in supply chain management from Northeastern University and published into the wildfire: mourning departures in April 2016. This title is now available for purchase on amazon, Walmart, barnes + noble, magrudy, book depository, and alibris. in addition, she recently published into the wildfire: battle scars in December, a collection of poems about endurance (also available on amazon, barnes + noble, magrudy, book depository, and alibris).
Twitter: @ShirazieN

Instagram: @shirazien


Facebook: Noor Shirazie

You tube: Noor Shirazie

“may the wind

carry all your wishes

and sweep them

into the arms of someone

who can fulfill them.”

-Noor Shirazie


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