So many way to say I’m sorry

and some people choose none.

How can you say I’m sorry?

I suppose merely saying the words

would suffice, but some people

have pride instead of feelings that

are blinding. So here are

some suggestions, as to how

to have compassion and show it

when you have no idea what to

do after hurting someone’s feelings

in ways you never imagined you would.

After all this is how you love.

You can take the moment

and change it.

-you can’t reverse it

but you can mend it.

-you can write it down

and hand it to her or him.

– you can text something apologetic

-you should not let days go by

in silence.

-you should regret it if it does.

-you can gather all your pain

and talk about it.

-you can express yourself

with compassion.

-you can put yourself in

someone else’s shoes.

-you can decide to stop being rigid

and always want to be right.

-you can give in.

-you can give something that

will change everything.

-you can refuse to go to sleep angry.

-you can refuse to wake up angry.

-you can persist in loving when the

walls come up.

-you have choices; you have

ways to say I’m sorry

without even uttering the words.

Use your imagination and be godlike

and stop being so human.


What do you think?

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