Christina Strigas

img_3550No, not the song

but my mind

when it alters in perception

of what’s real and surreal.

I do not know what to say

to you…

was I what you imagined?

better? worse?

shall you compare me

to every other woman before

and after? or not even close.

I kissed a guy in 1991

at some club in the middle

of a song and it was magical.

Vowed I wouldn’t do it again

and it was only on our

fourth date I gave myself

to you. A present.

And even if you never

think of me again

and if the one that broke

your heart

broke everything else

I know that what we found

in a few hours

was enough for me.

I do not have to

keep on telling you

that my thoughts

trail back to you.

even if you have moved on.

even if life has to be…

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