Book review of Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy by Junk Talk Poet

Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy is chapbook about small towns and small minds, a poetry book about men and women who could be your neighbours, friends, or lovers. Junk Talk Poet likes to write about humanity, politics, and the cruelty of the world. He also describes his own demons and how he feels in this new world we live in. His poetry observes farms, slaughterhouses, the chemicals in our environment, the air we breathe, the taxes we pay, the homeless we neglect; just to name a few subject matters that are emphasized in his poetry. 

 This poet is observing his surroundings and writing about the everyday business of mankind as well as how he views it through the eyes of a poet. Traditionally, what a poet has been doing since the dawn of mankind. Junk Talk Poet brings up war and boy soldiers “carrying a false send of duty,” and describes them walking through his town with a keen eye and broken heart.

I was delightfully surprised that once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. I finished it in one sitting. I highly recommend this chapbokk book for readers who want to read poems beyond love and romance, the issues that touch the core of our daily existence in a small town.

Link to book:
Short Bio – The Junk Talk Poet is a poet and spoken word artist from the Black Country area of the West Midlands UK. He is most well known for his debut poetry chapbook entitled Navigating Nightmare Ecstasy which was released in 2016. A paperback copy of the book can be bought at The writer is currently working on some poetry and screen writing ventures set to be released in the near future and publishes a weekly poetry podcast that features a new spoken word poem each Friday.

Next Project – The Junk Talk Poet is inviting poets to submit to his publishing project at Junk Talk Books for a poetry anthology due to be released later this year. The sales of the book will be donated to charity in aide of terminally ill children and will be entitled The Junk Book Of Poems.

(Email address for submissions –

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Twitter Tag – @junktalkpoet

Instagram – @junktalkpoet

Spoken Word Poetry –

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