I woke up to write

before the coffee, the sunrise

it was words that fancied my skin

to forget my dream the moment my eyes opened.

What is it that makes you want a woman like me?

Your list is long

and everything you say

makes me reevaluate my life as if it were a spreadsheet.

I know you only want to use your knees to spread my legs

my arms

across yours. It is what I want. ย I really do admire

how you are so quick to the point.

You do not miss a song, I know I hate to text

and read way too much. I am quiet and methodic

concentrate on the typewriter as if it loved me back.

How could we be here?

People dying from cancer, heart attacks,

and I’m aching for you. It is not a myth,

or a legend, it is how my heart wants

to be pressed up close next to yours

with no fabric between.

I am not anyone special, trust me.

If you lived with me, you would see

so best to elevate my status by

being silent of all my defaults

eliminate my errors

by not telling you anything

more. I will keep it for my poems

my books, my next life.

This is what writers do,

we beat ourselves up with words.

The difference between us

is distance

yet all the words

you refuse to share with me

I know them already.





18 thoughts on “Sunday Musings

  1. hI THERE! Chrissy, what a profound lovely sincere poem of yours , very transparent and full of love . I love it ! good morning by the way , and have a nice Sunday today . Take care beautiful lady . God bless you .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so kind, my son calls me :sublime mother, and this just made me think of him! I appreciate your comment and thoughts so much, means a lot to me because you have quite the talent as well. I never thought it was that wise, but thanks! have a great day x love Chrissy

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chrissy, you are both a sublime mom and poet how’s that?! You must be doing something VERY right ! I admire you greatly and lift you up as one of my favorites whose work never ceases to impress and mostly, touch my heart. xo

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      2. I am truly touched, thank you so much for your affectionate words. It is quite a challenge raising kids these days, but I have to say my son is such a genuinely kind-hearted and artistic kid and when he comes up with all these metaphors to describe me, he has already won my heart before he even speaks! Have a great day! Xo love, Chrissy.


  2. “yet all the words you refuse to share with me I know them already.”

    Profound words, Chrissy. Love transcends words. The image you had chosen fits wonderfully within the context of this poem. It’s as if the woman is fetal, and surrounded by something tranquil.

    Liked by 1 person

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