So many stars around me

where does one begin and end

in the dark spotlight? Turn the lights

off of me, pull down the blinds,

mark your calendar, I’m reborn.

We are coming out together

on the same day, evening, night

in unison. You better believe the

cliches, the adages, the prolific

mediums when they all predicted

the comeback of the underdog.

Taxi a cab or uber or walk to my cafe

and sit down, I’m a vegan now

changed my hair color, painted

my nails pink, drew back the day

and made it mine again. Chagall 

lived inside me for a day. He

showed me what’s it like to be

true lovers & artists and I fell

for him like all muses fall.

Everything around him

illuminated red and Sherbrooke

street was full of dead ends

and potholes but nothing

could stop my days now.

They are all my canvasses

and you my vibrant paint.

Sit down and tell me

why you do what you do.

What do you think?

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