Christina Strigas

All my disappearing lives

had a meeting last night.

They obviously met in the deep ocean


we were all naked

we all had ancient Greek names

we discussed the past

and how we all weaved

into one woman.

The talk happened

so far from dry land

we turned into mermaids.

We cried for each other’s heartache

and laughed at the

irony of it all.

How did we all convince

each other that memory

had  no place here?

It was a farce.

We knew that memory

marked us

stained our thoughts

with dread


and love.

The core of us

was romance.

We loved anything romantic

When Harry Met Sally.

Pride and Prejudice.

Love Actually.

Tragedy guided us.

Moulin Rouge.

Romeo and Juliet.

Mommy ( a film by Xavier Dolan).

We knew that no one man

would fulfill us

but a combination of all of them.

The conversation never ended

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