Before I go

I had a plan

to meet you once,

the weather lied

smashed my life

into frozen droplets of pain.

You have that face that I see

when I sleep and wake, in the middle

of the day

I dream walk, talk, hate myself

for loving you. I never am anyone else

but who I claim to be. I’m real

now you know the truth

I tell you everything, confess how

I never made you up. I never broke

your heart, that wasn’t me.

I made you mine when you were

someone else’s. Is this how

hearts mend? I hope to meet you one day

in this lifetime. My other lives

are so far away, I cried for them already.

I spend every moment without you.

I despise men that make me feel as if

I did something wrong

besides breathing. I make love

to you in my mind. You are perfect.

The perfect Lover.

I am perfect with you.

We are perfect together.



P e r f e c t.

You come home to me.

The rest is unread


The new year means I am getting older

as are you

and my children

and your children

and all the old loves

we hold onto.

I stayed in my cave

and slept decades away.

I woke up hungry

for more food

and words,

I woke up looking for


but you were never beside me.


7 thoughts on “Before I go

    1. I’m writing a poem, not necessarily real life, this is art where all the lines get blurred. I enjoy telling a story in my poems, and not all are about me…thank you for reading and connecting to this one. I really go with the flow when I write.

      Liked by 1 person

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