Justify the tears

People keep lies in their pockets

like bubble gum

I tell a lie

my heart aches

my nose should grow

live in a fairytale for a while.

I should get spanked

I can lie like a jazz singer full of trouble

in the twenties,

cheating on myself

but I prefer to tell my lover

I feel him

when he leaves

love him

when I cannot see him

and child of mine

things do not get easier

or brighter.

He brings me gifts I cannot open

kisses of tomorrow

yet nothing can wrap me up as perfectly

as staring

into each other’s flaws

naked on a Sunday morning

with nothing to do

but loving every moment

and existing

merely for each other.

If only

the music and words in our veins

could walk together

in the bright sun.

I suppose being a vampire

has its privileges

like some royalty.

Still, I see the sky

has opened up for me again

and is opening its arms.



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