Sleeping in the snow

It can be cold

my hands will surely fall off

I should have been hospitalized

a few times.

I never ran home

I always ran the other way

the yellow lined highways

I flipped my phone over

and closed it down

yet I did not forget you.

You live somewhere else now

in a world

far from violin sounds

and toxic words.

best thing you did was leave

this hell hole

in xmas and easter.

You may have given me my

first sip of wine

but this shitty place

does not care for the snow

or the sun.

It wants your soul

to be eaten up by benjamins

and twenty-five percent rebates.

cards with points from every store

you’ve ever walked into

you are so much better by the ocean

trust me

this place is full of fakes

and loveless faces

that replace your body for your soul.

I walked away from it

and gave my enterprise up

for freedom

listening to dead poets

and kissing myself.

My lips taste sweet

coconut oil

rubbed in between my lines.

ten years up or down

and my eyesight will go

then my memory

and death is just waiting

to snatch up my sanity

and hand me down a disorder

of some sorts

so I can never see you again.

It was tragic while it lasted

and epic while it slipped away.

Even if you love someone else

you and me

kept quiet



into the snow

to hibernate

our love

into another season

in another life

where we stared out the same window

every morning.



  1. Mr. Militant Negro · December 18, 2016

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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    • Chrissy · December 18, 2016

      Thank you for sharing my work! Have a great weekend, and Happy Holidays x


  2. learning to live like water · December 18, 2016

    Love this Chrissy!

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