I should keep up with the news

but my wifi is out of control

so I am cutting it up

slicing it into quarters of my life.

Less and less of you

more and more of me.

I disrupt my life on purpose 

and see through the mist.

Who can ever give you 

all you want? Not one

person. I never met 

that person so I find it

within myself and 

marry myself. I’m 

cheating on my husband

with myself. He knows it

too. I can touch myself

and cum in seconds. No

rendez-vous, no dates.

I can believe in myself

and not others’ version

of me. Even if I have twenty-four

hours to live

I can stare at a ceiling in silence

I have plenty of practice.

I will take my secrets to

the grave. No one

can love me the way

I want. So I will contine

talking to myself, write

poems to myself, letters

to myself, read, go to

bookstores, museums,

walk my dog, create a

new self, bury the old one.

I have so many selves

I gave up on, so many

I believed in. Luckily,

I love my own company

and loneliness and being alone

are not to be confused.

I know that writing

is my best company.

And I look forward to

the mist

and human touch


look forward to moments

and hours to be relived

in my mind.

I look forward to being

me in all my selves.

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