Fell asleep

img_1363I fell asleep

yawned on your chest.

I never meant to hashtag our

love, is it even love?

Obsession? Loneliness?

or anything at all.

You want me I want you

and fuck everything else.

But all the poems aren’t

meant to ryhnme. And all

the days of the week

don’t need a meaning. They

did fine before social media

devoured every waking minute.

Close the phone

log off the sites

you deplore,

yet partake in.

the only true winner here

is the person who uses

a phone to call

no apps to be consumed in

no blogs to follow

no fake instagram account.

we are all lost fish

swimming and drowning

in designer shoes.

But I blocked a troll


who said I whined about you

if he only knew

I can’t sleep or eat

thinking only

about your eyes

lips, tracing your tattoo,

and how perfect

our bodies

fit together

on that strange bed.


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