Hymns for the Hopeful

I will make this a Hellenistic hymn to all my ancestors who believed in the twelve Olympian gods. We had to memorize them in Greek school, learn how to write them, practice our diction to continue …

Source: Hymns for the Hopeful


4 thoughts on “Hymns for the Hopeful

  1. Greece’s relations with Europe are in a fragile state, and several of its leaders are showing impatience, unlikely to tolerate the foot-dragging of past administrations. Under the terms of the bailout, Greece must continue to pass deep-reaching overhauls, many of them measures that were supposed to have been passed years ago.

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    1. I know and this predicament will take decades to overcome. I know first hand what the people are going through but the corruption started at the top and trickled down to the people and the gov’t. Greece needs a leader and a new system, first it should start with taxes, and stop cutting the pensions. My friend makes about 700 Canadian a month working as a teacher, my aunt’s pension has been cut in half…but this poem was about the ancestors more than the modern greed of Greece. And yet, you go there to visit and still marvel at its beauty.

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