I hide

I hide in words like a ghost

unpack my bags to stay.

Cancel my flight away

and kick off my shoes

in this state of mind.

It passes, it’s just a feeling

you’ve felt it so many times

with her and the other one

and the one before me.

There will be one after me too.

I have faith in you.

You can make them all beg

for you

with your sweet whispers


and song. You have the


down pat. I see it

and I walk right into it.

You should  not bother

with women like me.

We speak too many languages,

know too many theories

analyze words

until they bleed us dry.

Use cliches and pretend not to.

Never go to graduation ceremonies

and shrug our shoulders

at deceit.

I thought I could

do it.

But I cancelled my flight.

I am going to go on a

book tour instead

and write about

the sun

and how things end

before they even begin.





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