I am not that good at texting. I am better at facing you. I may hate

to talk about my feelings

yet you make me

look at them from all angles.

All this love in my heart

as bright as each sunrise.

I lay down on the cold ground

only to stare into your blue sky eyes

that sometimes match the grass

or the colour of my shirt.

Come to the graveyard

it is so peaceful

I need to feel you close

closer than a phone

or an image

or a poem. It is so futile

to be bad

I feel like a criminal

with all this guilt

of love and hate.

I see my neighbour smoke

on her balcony

and I miss that feeling

of sitting down

and enjoying the moment

in the middle of the day

when time passes slow.

I find peace in walking

my dog

his love.

The moment you wait for


and then you realize

it was an illusion of a poem

that got you here in the first place.



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