Nothing feels normal

when you love with an ache

in your chest. a longing

that can never be fulfilled.

distance can be mathematically


it’s so easy to memorize the formula

of two cities

but emotionally inaccurate.

i started off with coffee but ended with vodka

i try to be good

but i think of all the ways to be bad.

especially with you.

i do hate the feeling

of never seeing you

and lost in illusions.

who knows if it will

happen again

quite so universally perfect.

we can plan it

but i will lose my mind

and no one can tell

i’m not  fine. i lost my innocence

a long time ago. you had

nothing to do with it.

best time to leave

for New York

is when you’re young.

as i did at sixteen

only i should have never

come back.





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  2. Joseph Pinto · October 28, 2016


    Liked by 1 person

  3. thebogfather · October 31, 2016

    Singed, with tinges of caffeine injection…
    To binge in vodka violate, to seem solace in rejection…
    Yes, I’ve been there, more times than I care
    To think…
    Yet, I fight away the self imposed solitude
    Thoughts of lust and love so crude
    Wanting as my mind and body is waning
    Just to feel, to share the explaining
    With One…
    In close passion and compassion
    Serious, yet, in smiles, and fun
    It’s what we all seek
    Daring, desiring, this fire, a shared peak
    With One, becoming Two
    Is this You?

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