I apologize for being me
why would I even write that?

all I want is to be ignored.

Do you write better when it rains

when the sun shines?

I just want to pay my dry cleaner bill

but news travels fast

when you are a writer

and nobody buys your book(s)

but promises to

“very soon.”

Did you write today?’a poem?’about what? What time? 

You can follow my blog if you like

(Please no 

me and my big mouth)

Oh sure.

Which means no.

I take my change

and shirts

and wave bye.

My dog is waiting for me.

I left my answers at the drycleaners.


  1. Brenda Davis Harsham · October 14, 2016

    People pity writers, envy them and/or believe they could do as well, if only they had nothing else to do. But if you can bloom under the disregard of others, then nothing can stop you.

    Liked by 1 person

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