How Deep

Anytime is the right time

to get deep in thought

about our bodies

igniting warmth

even my hands are not neglected.

Inhibition is left outside the door

to your room.

Nirvana and deep oceans are

waiting for our waves

to connect. Mid-afternoon tryst

on the top of my mountain.

I could tell you how I feel

but it is only in my eyes

you’ll see the mysterious truth

that evades.

Come unwind the knots

all over my body

and especially the one in

my stomach. I miss you

mostly because I can never

have you like I want to.

That could be the main attraction

to our fight. Madness is in us.

I long for the day

when I could bump

into you by accident

at the corner and chances

are this day will never come.

It passed and went

its way on others’ backs.

Texting is full of


and I wind down

to walk on words for a while

will you join me?


  1. The Power&The Glory · October 13, 2016


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