First time I almost died was before I was

even born.

Miracle baby, the doctor said.

Nowadays it’s only breech

eyes closed

but in ’68

it was some kind of miracle

that my mom still

tells me

like it’s the first time

what a story

to hear

over and over again.
In 1971

a needle pricked my knee

no one told my mom

she is still crying over it

I suppose when they stitched me up

they had to call her

my grandma was the culprit

she liked sewing more than

she ever loved me.

In 1979

seven people in the car

no seatbelts

a car crash

my foot in the tupperware

food everywhere like blood

I couldn’t sleep for weeks.

(The good part is

I was in my mother’s arms.)

Now she can’t sleep for years

ever since ’08

when my dad died.

It’s the dead father’s club

they referred to it

on grey’s anatomy once

and I never forget

things I should.

In 2013 or thereabouts

my son literally jumped

over a car that

almost hit him

and now he runs

in track

and if he ever

makes the Olympics

and I am interviewed

I will say

he jumped over a car, of course he could win

a medal.
The last time

it wasn’t me that almost died

but when a car crashed

into my daycare

and I was downloading heart of glass

I saved three lives

and realized

why I am still alive.
If I die tomorrow

at least I pulled Tiffany

out from under a car

and gave her CPR

a mantra in my head

please don’t die

please don’t die.
That was the scariest moment of

my life

and I was so

happy to be alive.
I never talk about it.

7 thoughts on “All the ways

    1. Wow your comment made me so happy! Indeed. I probably held my breath while I was writing it too this morning! I was interrupted twice but it flowed out, not sure where it came from. Thank you for reading and commenting! Merci:))

      Liked by 1 person

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