A poem about a poem

I was in my alternate universe

last night

the one where we are together

in the same lifetime.
I slept in your bed

and your pillows smelt like me

it is  bizarre how moments

happen in these portals.
I went to a play

about a married couple

who hate each other

and I swore that would never be Us.
I sense you are hungry

we can hate our perfections

embrace our imperfections

wondering what tricks and lies

we are scheming. 
Sometimes when you are too much alike 

the differences

disappear. Even if you say them

out loud,  you only remember

what you want to remember.
I selected those pants for you

because I knew what your

universe looks like. Dark & sexy.
I avoided

myself more than you did.
I noticed you are forgetful

when I look at you that way

and you notice

way too much

to ever tell me

It hurts so much

to know your universe

is sunnier.
Can you feel the burning

sensation along your chest?
Then I supppose

we are in the same portal

after all

time and distance

play chess with our fate.


This is a poem

And I am the poet.

I make myself

into anyone I want to be

and you

can sit or cuddle 

right next to me

or disappear into the 

cloudy sky.

This is not really the end

of the poem

but a beginning.



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  2. Lively Life · January 5, 2017

    This is so Good.

    Liked by 1 person

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