I wanted to search your soul
before you left

but you covered it up

with lies

you buried us

beneath ashes of regret,

now roots for all you hide.

A blackened soul

of truths misread,

forever scorched

from your goodbye.

So I say hello,

pretending words never mattered

playing tough

acting like my ancestors

but I feel weak


ugly in this getup.

It may be as you said,

you stamped my heart

and buried my soul

with your deeds


and dread,

my trust in you eternal light

my love an ocean deep

but kill it all with words and fights,

the total loss complete.

I felt the truth escape

like steam as

you told me

what I wanted to hear

doubting the whole while

if everything you seek

is hidden between your eyes.
Written by

Christina Strigas and Brandy Elizabeth Van de Veire.
Brandy Elizabeth Van de Veire has always been enamored with the complexity and intrigue of a good story. In the third grade, her two favorite stories were Gone With The Wind and The Ten Commandments. It goes without saying that when it was time to pick a bedtime story, her sisters made sure the decision wasn’t hers. She was born with the ability to create passionate stories and an uncompromising desire to learn and perfect writing them. Brandy has a Bachelors degree in History as well as post-graduate studies in History and Behavioral Science. Two questions haunt her: Why are we so slow to learn from history? And, what happens to the human spirit of those who live on?


website: bevandeviere.com

Twitter: @bevandeveire Miss Muse


email me for poetry collaboration: christinastrigasauthor@gmail.com

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