Strange how connections are made

without touch and once that happens

they are sealed like a letter you wrote

and sent. Delivered.

You know how art makes

us unwind into artists and

breaks the glass. You understand

how easily I can fall into you now.

You have concrete proof

and not just poetry.

You were so inviting with

your attention to every detail

and even though I jump on beds

you managed to make me still.


I know how time stops now.

Must I say it? Yes, with you.

It’s romantic and idealistic

I know,

but you made me honest.

The only time I bit my lip

is when you asked me how I was drunk.

I let all my walls done

and I become dangerous.

Dark and witty. I may do

all the things you desire.

I forget who I am.

I may kiss you in public

and other dirty deeds.


Layers of my

clothes were removed.

I whispered something

in your neck

and my hair

got caught everywhere.

Romance is on your lips

and even if you

wanted to rip off all my


you didn’t.

I am  vulnerable

you know my secret now.


I am not that tiny

but you made me feel

so much I can’t come down

from the sky.

Not sure if I thanked you

for dropping by.


thank you.




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