No kissing

I want to keep it to myself. I want

to shout it, but I’ll turn it into

a poem instead. Tell you in a couple

of hundred words how I wrote

a book in three hours

in my head. Over-stimulated

by touching you and all

the surroundings. Everything

stopped, even the clock,

for a while at least.

I didn’t want to read your

watch, I wanted to read

your eyes. Now I know

the exact shade of green

and my top served its

purpose. I am in that room

with you now. I am still there

and not ready to share

any of those moments

with a bunch of strangers.

I am glad you liked my gift.

Thank you for the delicious 

caffee latte, Italian style.

I didn’t mind the tablecloth

so much, it went with the day

with the flow. My shoes don’t

matter once they are off

and we are lying on this

strange yet comfy bed

staring at a white ceiling

a replica of the sky.

I know I said no kissing

but you smelt so good

and nothing should be


Yes, you were a perfect


et je t’adore aussi.


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