Blood drips 

talons carving flesh 

and I wake

my insides gutted, 

the unborn a mass.

I thought I was dead

but you broke me,

you did not kill me

with words.

Now my flesh is 

mine again

pulling at my own scars

a smirk appeared,

days fell into the well of years

my death, your murder of my spirit 

a rebirth instead.

You may have thought 

I was yours forever,

in this weak state,

but my wounds

turned into rhymes

and my words

became knives.

Opened up like fresh kill 

our bed your perch,

sites calculated,

manipulating my lines 

lust your crosshairs.

You found lost souls like yours

to crush,

left our hell

to create some hounds,

unguided cares

about my psyche,

just my legs

intrigued you.

Wires to bend 

a frame really 

clothesline with my waist


buttons and locks,

belted to your side,

but my buckle 

a jolted shock.

All the props you used

to bend my will


I was too strong

in spirit

and all the steel

never penetrated my soul.

The tears became

my new sky,

stars, dust falling all over me 

my body graced 

the universe within me

territory reclaimed 

my own, finally.
Written by Christina Strigas  

and Stefania Sanfilippo

Stefania has been writing ever since she was a child and never giving much thought to the open-doored methods she employed. She began her creative journey shaping short stories and long form prose. It wasn’t until many years ago while processing a painful divorce, and destroying years of writing, that she became serious about her work and began to put forth the effort that she knew would be necessary to achieve any kind of sustainable success. She often writes about her own experiences, at times giving them the voice of another, but she believes that her most honest work comes from her heart. Currently she can be found on her main blog hosted by WordPress at on Medium at… and on HelloPoetry under Stefania S @ HelloPoetry. Along with the words that she shares online she is in the process of organizing a selection of unpublished work for submission to The Poetry Foundation as well as for her own selfish purposes and the eventual construction of a published collection of my “soul works.”



  1. Harshita · September 30, 2016

    Awsome….loved it..!!! 🙂

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