Ancient Ashes

He had this transient way of sliding 

through books 
short stories

and novels

as if every lead was him

and existing for her.

The pages turned

with every breath she’d take

and she’d tear those written thoughts

out of her heart, only to throw them back 

into the smoldering ashes of the bonfire 

they’d built.

But her soul had burn marks

that only he could see

and the pages were yellow with age

yet all the time she yearned 

to be his heroine

in his stack of books.

Tender kiss and tender touch, 

never a question was asked 

the stage belonged to her

and she danced to his beating heart, 

where their ancient scribes were born

from writing to dancing close where 

scents mingled

where fantasies erupted 

and beating hearts 

stopped for seconds

in a place where thousand year old souls 

This is where they met

in the beginning and end of each novel 

and poem,

until their love rested.
They lived many lives

yet there was no end

to the endless artwork

their souls were immersed in. 

A ghost can be heard in the halls of every 


The echoes of every beat 

would create the rhythm of writing 

yet to be born, 

and they would immerse themselves 

without fear.
They would live forever 

in the pages of a book

lost on a shelf somewhere

this, the tragedy of their love.

Written by Christina Strigas and George Matt.
George is a poet who has been published in Neverlasting, a book of poetry.

Also published in “the wood knots” available on Amazon.

He writes on Twitter as @gsmm67

where he posts his prolific poems and is part of a large writing community on Twitter.



  1. The Power&The Glory · September 15, 2016

    Secrets from Long Ago . . .

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  2. megdekorne · September 16, 2016

    So very tender with only the beauty you create dear Christy ….” Scents mingled ” touched me especially ….love , megxxx ( sorry I’ve been gone so long …your gorgeous poetry has been missing from me )

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  4. vequinox · September 26, 2016

    Reblogged this on Greek Canadian Literature.

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