Chances are that I will sell my soul

for some peace

for a room of my own

to eat fruit out of a bowl

but here I am

with my new job

and efficient ways

of being the best employee for the

first time in twenty-one years.

I can carry all the weight

to your room

put my skeletons in the closet for you

if you bring me a cafe latte with a flower on top

omg I am too easy to please

I will call you and tell you

the silliest thing and crack up

laugh at myself like I am the best joke ever

laugh at how you laugh at me.

he hired me before I could resign

and here I am with nothing to lose

I marry my fate

and bend it around

to kiss my needs away.

Chances are you will meet me again

and chances are

you might not.

I hate my urges but without them

I am nothing

but a robot

and if there is one thing

I know about myself

it’s that I never

follow guidebooks

or recipe books

I add my own spice

to life.

Chances are

you know everything about me

before I do.

So I will enjoy my favorite city

and ask strangers to take pictures

of me overlooking the spot

we never made it to.

I am leaving the chances

up for grab.


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