I mostly watched the singer

shake away his age

but it caught up with him

and disappointed all of us.

Some more drunk for others

to notice. Youth had not

entered that ten percent

that dances on stairs.

I can pretend to be young

for one night

smoke in parking lots and get felt up

by strangers. Drunken

sailors find their way

to my eyes, with hands

between my thighs.

My trapped mind was still

locked and unoticeable

no one can lead me

back to you.

Except you.

I am just another love

shouting to your demons

to let you go.

I am keeping it

to myself

holding all my emotions tight

in the palm of my hand

resisting your arrest


smoking medicinal

poetic names.

I am not scared to get caught

in the open air

under street art grafitti

being a bad girl,

what frightens me more

is getting away with it.



  1. megdekorne · July 12, 2016

    You are like my sister and I just love you , your truth , your humanity , your soul , your flowing like a river poems ….hugs Chrissy !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lively Life · July 13, 2016

    oh, this is awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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