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      REVIEW: Your Ink on My Soul, by Christina Strigas Alexandra Meehan – Author/ Teacher / Student ✒ If #PabloNeruda & #AnneSexton had a lovechild, #Strigas would emerge…✒ When diving into Your Ink on My Soul, you'll find #poetry stemming from concrete-form, to event-form, to list-form, to free-from/verse to prose; mostly self-narratives in the likes of Plath and Sexton (part of the reason why I enjoy Strigas so much). Her poetry is fluid, romantic and melodic… but it doesn't stop there. She has a raw and unpredicatbale edge; little slips of crass beauty that spark right off the page. Strigas is keen to form, and it's obvious that she's knowledgeable of the craft passed basics, or, what you might read from a new writer. Christina doesn't produce ‘redundant pretty’ #writing; expect something fresh, but somehow familiar. Not only is Strigas versed in the craft, but passionate and consistent in her voice. No worries about purchasing a random book from the net. Strigas takes risks, and she incorporates her own stylistic touches; tropes and literary devices that #create a complex and rich #read. I recommend this to readers who enjoy romance, and who want to take a journey that is both singular to Christina, yet relatable to all #women. Readers should expect a dose of Plath’s graceful depression, Neruda-esqe romance, past happenings, life lessons and much, much more. Themes include #romance, #hope, #aging, #feminism, #depression, #childhood, and the list goes on. Christina is also a ‘poet’s poet’ in that, in the likes of #Plath and #Bukowski, her work becomes more interesting as you get to know her as a #writer .Strigas definitely put blood, sweat and tears into this finely-tuned #chapbook, which I'm happy to have purchased, as it was a phenomenal #read, and, I support #poets, as well as the continuation of what IS NOW a dying craft! It's inspiring women like #ChristinaStrigas that keep the #art of storytelling alive. Follow Christina on Twitter & Instagram for continuous tidbits of poetics. @C.STRIGAS_SEXYASSPOET Alexandra Meehan @LexMeehan #poetsofinstagram #bookstagram #books #bookreview #poeticsighs

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