Coffeehouse Love

Christina Strigas

Ray Lamontagne’s voice is so distinct

I pick it off before the twenty-year old barista can

as distinct or obnoxious as this province

has come to be.

Quebec left the map of Canada

long before Bill 101 destroyed it.

Caffe latte has a flower when you sit

down to enjoy it

if not, the lids don’t fit.

Spring has a breeze

but I forgot my jacket in the car

to feel it tingle my nipples.

Second floor is darker

while the first floor

is as lonely

as a cactus in the desert.

You still need my arms

I need your strong shoulder

and yours is the perfect fit

for my head

to hold me up.

It feels as if knowledge

is dangerous

and thinking leaves

me powerless.

Intelligence is not made

or enacted, or practiced

it just is.

I am where you were

last night,

waiting for the wrong meeting

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