Standing in a Corner

Christina Strigas

In the early morning
I should be sleeping
but I’m getting it in doses
whenever it comes to me
like a poem.
In the middle of the day
sleep and poetry
go hand in hand.
I lie in bed
thinking I will remember this
in the morning
but I rarely do
too lazy to wake up
to write it down
so I memorize it
in my mind
but the next morning
I make lunches, breakfast,
prepare clothes, drive
and I forget the sentence
thar kept me up
so I make up other ones
that keep me down
and tears,
well, they flow like words now.

White horizontal lines
on a black wall
standing in a corner
as I tell you
the pulse of my mind
and how sometimes
you see the same colors
when others don’t.

Red walls and dark curtains
lion legs
crystal whiskey glasses
and we…

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  1. clinock · June 19, 2016

    So brilliant and amazing, your words…all wrapped up in the last four lines…you could become a muse to many…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chrissy · June 19, 2016

      I’d rather not. Muses get messy and reality is ugly. Thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment 🙂


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