What a lovely surprise to read this review. Thank you so much for your critique of my chapbook.  Please visit:http://atasteofsin.com/reviewers/

A little update: I am self-publishing my chapbook and my poetry book.

Your Ink on My Soul will soon be available on Amazon and worldwide distribution. I want to thank all the incredible people who have purchased my chapbook thus far. The selected poems will remain the same.

The whole debauchery with the Underwater Publishing Mountains and 451 Press division has left me with a bad taste in my mouth to publish my poetry book traditionally.  Once you put your trust, your money, your love and soul in a book and they treat you with disrespect and broken promises, and then declare a “bankruptcy but not really” leave you hanging for months, the whole trust issue raises all this fear in me to ever trust again. Along with the help of Paris and other close friends of mine, I have managed to get these poetry books almost done. The finish line is not too far.

I never thought I would even publish my poems in a book format.

So when I read a positive review from complete strangers, it keeps me grounded to continue writing, although I do feel that I don’t really have a choice but to write. And express what is locked up.

Working on publishing my Crush novel in book format with the amazing Lea from MuseItUp Publishing.

Also, soon to be released a moden romance novel.

Click on the review below…. Thank you Ash.



8 thoughts on “Review of my chapbook

  1. Ahhh, Ashley’s review is fantastic! Thank you for sharing.:)

    I had no idea that you and 451 Publishing had a falling out… I am very sorry to hear that, Chrissy.

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