Ten seconds

Christina Strigas

I hate microwaves
once I read an article
and removed it from my life
for damaging parts of my soul
that you see with your eyes closed.

So people thought I was ancient
heating milk in old style tiny Greek
coffee makers
and using stove tops
ovens for longer than ten seconds
and time was not rushed
still isn’t
and my kids don’t know
what a microwave is
kind of like how my parents
refused to use it
& now they say
you were right.

I was such a serving daughter
and hence a wife
losing words on the tip of a knife
sitting up all night
to finish that book of poetry
and I think of you
how every line is free
of them.
You are the part of the flower
that holds me up
the strong stem
how photographs mean nothing to us
yet how they have the…

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One comment

  1. clinock · May 19, 2016

    So very excellent…


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