Had this vision of my dad sleeping in his bed last night

thinking of how each year passes

and no love is ever forgotten.

You can fool yourself for one night

while drunk and smoking weed

listening to a live band from Seattle

wondering where your youth went

and how come you never moved to LA.

Take out the box of whatifs

and lay them next to the keepsake of maybes to meet up with ifonlys.

I did what I wanted

no one stopped me

I had to fight the world

your love

your embrace

but you kept me safe from harm

and even when I am sick of your rants

I still want to hear your voice

next to mine

keeping me up

waking me up

giving me your three a.m love

sexing my soul

with dirty talk.

I never get enough

it’s that insatiable need

to be loved and adored by you

the way you know

how to get

under my dress

and thighs

from miles away.

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