I called you and lied

about all my honesty.

I broke the railing

while sliding down with my ass

sore from the fall

and the ground once more

pulling me down.

You want my rhymes

to meet yours

but they like their loneliness

the road mostly travelled

on my book tour.

I slept alone

waiting for your call

just to hear your voice

in my ear. You left

no messages


as I always do

hiding from yourself

and there I was cross-legged


with truth

all you had to do

was my pull my tiny top of

in that masterful way that you know 

and you would’ve had me

for the taking

wet and aroused

from your call

but you left me

cold and lonely

on my knees again

begging to the wrong god

for forgiveness.

Pass the meds

combine the alcohol

numb the thoughts

with your naked skin.

I know the channel is boring you

so turn it quick

before it turns on you.

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