My ode to Prince

begins in my heart

and the 80’s would not have mattered

without his music on my record player

every day spinning my world

from falling apart. A special shelf

built for my music, on the wall the posters of his sexy face. Most people loved him then,

but I wanted to marry him.

Illogical girly desires

his passion for music set mine aflame.

I read his lyrics like a book of poetry

copied them, added, invented,

memorized them.

Nothing saddened me more

than how his death brought

me closer to mine.

How in one moment we are here

sitting in Place des Arts listening

to Piano & a Microphone show

and weeks later

glued to the tv over Prince’s death.

His life and legacy flashing before our eyes

I have a few incredible videos I taped from that show.

This is not really a poem.

Just my thoughts

exploding with sadness

over the connection that this one man

made through music.

I feel like there is so much more to say

but better left unsaid

the way he liked it.




14 thoughts on “Purple tears #RIPPrince  

  1. I heard about him yesterday, coming home from my date. I couldn’t figure out which “prince” had died. I thought they were talking about somebody across the pond.
    When I realized they were talking about “our Prince” I thought….”no. He’s too young.”
    So sad. I remember pretty woman singing to his music in the bathtub and being so sad when I heard his song about doves crying.
    He will be missed…..a diminutive man who stood so tall.

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