I am worrying about all the things you do;

if I have enough milk for tomorrow

if the dry cleaners ticket is lost again

when will I reply to my emails

how will I wait for you

when the waiting room is empty.


How much gas do I have

to get to you?

What is the distance between my house

and yours?

How long does one wait for later days?


Reality is a naked body

faced down in sorrow

over smeared lipstick

and a lost wad of money.


Drugstores do not have enough medication

for leaving you

for never seeing you again.

This lost feeling is just me

missing your face close to mine

and how you feel against my skin.

Sorrow is a burden to carry

from one city to the next

and all the places

we will never meet

and all the ones we did.


I find myself

facing a blank page

filled with words to describe you

but never define you.

You come and go


I wait for u turns

but it’s a one way street

to your heart.


I pass too many train stations

on my way to work

that never carry my suitcase.




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