It started off as a slow death

alone with my box of books

as I am alone with my paper and thoughts.

Rebecca read 1973 and cried

and now a complete stranger is in my poem.

What is your book about?

It’s a poetry book.



It is funny to see how there are

so many people that love  poetry

but in reality

this is a farce

an assumption

for 21 books were sold

and a few underhanded

in some Greek style black market.

Oh well, this is the foundation of ancestors

somewhere inside me.

Are you Christina?

Yes, I am. 



Can you please dedicate the book

to the one that got away.

Can you please write Happy Birthday Aaron?

One k in Niki,

you learn more about yourself

through others,

you listen more when everyone talks.


I suppose not writing is my therapy as well

up until I cannot take how the words

block my vulnerability

annihilate my extensive research of self-publishers.

Freedom is being who you are

even when everyone thinks they know you

and you keep surprising them

with your vulnerability.

I keep it intact

and expose it

in selected poems.


I love to start over.

I thought it killed me

and for a while

I drank too much

and stopped writing

but I can never stop



Every day I am a different person.








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