How I fell from the sky

naked and alone

like The Terminator

scrunched up in some goddess-

like pose.

fear and pain

like a refugee girl

leaving her home behind.

the moon and the sun

had my back

they protected my aura

for a while

until i had to face the hurricane

and get swept by your tornado

but what left me helpless

between the clouds

was when your plane flew

under me.
you thought of me.
and i saw your eyes

were not vacant at all.

they could not see me

of course, last time

you saw me i was on the ground

dead from your departure.
so up until the tsunami

of your love

drew me back from the universe

that was when I knew it

was time to come back to you.

as you looked up

and spread your arms wide

and caught my tiny frame.
and that is how i fell from the sky.


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