Flawed Beauty

Happiness is in the moment, it is in your eyes.

It is in your words when you reply to me.

It is in your hands when they touch me.

The kitchen sink clogs up my love with grease,

turn around when I leave

watch my ass shake.

I am a flawed beauty

that walks in puddles

cries at Brussels being attacked

protect my walls with mortar.

My heart aches for others as

I cry at my desk.


I wrap up my words

to give them to you

as a gift as you run off

with that poet and forget

all about my metaphors.

I break in two like a stir stick

so break me up and carry

me away. Protect me from these

vultures that attack my sanity.

I hope to hear from you one day

but not through a recording,

or a poem

but sitting at a bar stool

ordering my drink.



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