My List of Things

Books, albums, photographs,

notebooks, pens, bookmarks,

paintings, hand written cards,

love notes, lined paper, fancy paper,

shoes, purses, jewellery,

belts, jeans, rock t-shirts,

stones, sea shells, earbuds,

recipes, hand painted mugs

from Cafe Ceramique,

guitar, piano, liquor,

coffee, angel statues,

vases from Winners,

ashtrays, wine glasses,


None of these matter

when the list

you are looking for

is one to survive

the diagnosis of cancer.

So then I look at,

the sky, the barren trees,

the forest, the homes,

the highway,

the grass,

my brand new car,

the dead phone

I never pick up.

I would much rather

look at what is not

in front of me,

the list of things

that matter are the ones

I want to hold

but can never

such as the ocean

and you.ย IMG_0377



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